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    maybe KUKA KMP? different vehicles exist (KMP200, KMP400, KMP600, KMP1500)

    Awesome! Thanks. i keep this in mine. I would like to have 2 or 3 different solution to propose. For example, a machine that has handles that the operator can "drive" or click a button without being automated.


    Hi guys,

    I work in an industrial environment where we have to manually lift heavy doors weighing about 150 pounds (100x250x5cm).

    We are looking for a better, less strenuous solution. We also need to move a single door from A to B via a fairly small path (not a lot of workspace) and stack it in a rack at a different level, so the solution should be able to move to different positions from 50cm off the floor to 130cm and then the operator can simply slide the door to its location without lifting.

    And the operators will be working around the door, so it should not be affected by any elements of the machine, it should be as if it were a work table.

    I'm thinking of some kind of rechargeable electric pallet truck with a plate.

    Any idea?


    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to build a motor, Instead of having a rod in the middle (rotor) we will have a hollow cylinder with a big hole in the middle?

    First does it exist in the market?

    How to make one?


    I have belt of 6mm, i need a bigger space between the 2 pulleys.

    If i put 2 separate pulleys the motion will be separated because the axe should be fix (not moving).
    I would like the movement of one pulley to drive the other.

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a pulley kind gt2 idler pulley double head enough long (between 35mm and 40mm), the only one i see in the market is double head with length 27.5mm.

    Any ideas?


    Hi guys,

    i use a Timing pulley that need to rotate from vertical axis then generate a rotation on horizontal axis like, so it should do like what does Bevel Gears.

    How to do that with those working with timing like Timing pulley?


    Hi Guys,

    I have a 6mm diameter metal bar that needs to pass through a plastic plate, so naturally I need a hole all along the plate to let the bar through.

    But I would like the hole to be as little visible as possible.

    I have some ideas:

    - add these things that look like eye lashes to the lathe.

    - add to the lathe a kind of silicone that opens and closes on itself. :whistling:

    What do you think?


    Good to know "hinged cable carrier", i got that idea actually but wanted to see what professionals do.

    And was concerned by that offset, do not want to do it by software and mechanically i do not undestand what you are proposing. If gears are connected to A and B by belt any move will affect A or B.


    • Whats the distance from A to B?    300mm
    • Whats the distance from Gear 1 to Gear 2 at A and B?   can be 20mm and 300mm
    • Are there any space constrains, or do we treat this as an isolated system floating in space? Should be contained on a rectangle of 350mmX50mm
    • How much Power/Torque does this system need to transmit? I would like to use a small motor Torque (3-4 kg/cm).
    • Is there a backlash requirement? Euh, i do not know.

    I try to move a small plate on the X and/or Y coordinates thanks to two motors placed on the right and left of the device and fixed.

    If the motor on the right was fixed on the plate supporting the tray it would be easier, but the 2 motors must not move.

    So here my problem is Y.

    @SkyeFire i thing you got what i want.

    So If i understood you mean something like this:

    But wondering how to synchronize between Gear 2 and the tensioner mechanically. After reading your precision I'm able to visualize the idea with linkage (this seems to me to require high precision, how will I calculate its dimensions), but do not know what is "drive train".

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to robotics, and I have a rather mechanical question.

    Gear 1 is at a fixed position but can turn on itself.

    Gear 2 can both move horizontally between A and B, and rotate on itself if gear 2 rotates but its horizontal movement should not affect gear 1.

    I thought of a timing belt but that only works with two fixed positions, whereas here gear 2 must be able to be turned by gear 1 at any point between A and B.

    Any idea how do we solve this problem?