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    Thanks for the reply. My english is not very good and i wasn't clear in my first post.

    My problem is the opposite: i need to enable movements in manual mode in two systems (the robot and an external machine with its own safety devices) with the same 3 position enabling switch on the robot flex pendant. When the enabling switch on the robot flex pendant is operated, the robot will be ready to move. I also need my separate machine to be enabled to move with that same operation. I was asking if anyone can confirm that i can use the following signals to do that:

    -X11 pin 41-42: enabling switch NO contact (channel A)

    -X11 pin 59-60: enabling switch NO contact (channel B)

    these signals will be wired to the machine safety davices to enable the movements. are these clean contacts of the enabling switch?


    Hello everyone.

    I need to use the 3 position enabling switch (dead man switch) on the teach pendant to enable external components command. Can anyone please confirm that enabling switch NO contacts are available for connection on -X11 on pins 41-42 (contact NO channel A) and 59-60 (contact NO channel B)? Dos this contacts operate with the enabling switch or are there further conditions under which they operate?