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    We just started getting this fault on our panasonic welding robots. (W1610 Wire feeder lock detected) We have never seen this. We have tried everything and the fault keeps coming back. I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this and may give me some insight into this fault. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

    Yup, Of Course we did all that and was finally able to release the break by jumping 2 wires and manually put it in position. Still didn't find the root cause. This is the second time the 24hr support hotline has been no help at all due to not having the drawings or laptop at their home.

    Had a power outage and all our machines came back up except 1. The G4 Axis will not home and gives us the E3120 error code. We have tried everything and have a call into Panasonic for help but need this going ASAP. If anyone has any ideas with this or has dealt with this before I would greatly appreciate some insight. We have done all the things like powering down the cell and cabinets at different time to bring back up and get the same fault that G4 is unable to be moved at this time. The amplifier and the controller are not faulted. UPDATE...Panasonic 24 hr tech line called back to tell us he couldnt help do to not having any materials or laptop at home with him. Try calling in the morning. GREAT HELP

    Thanks in advance.


    There is a company in Ohio USA That is the only place stateside to get parts or service.

    CT CORPORATION SYSTEM Address4400 EASTON COMMONS WAY, SUITE 125, COLUMBUS, OH, 43219. I have no number for them but hope this helps

    Thank You for your feedback! We tried what you suggested and it still said that there wasn't enough space to do that. We finally decided to just delete programs that weren't being used. We have looked into the extended memory and they want $1200 a piece for the cards. My company doesn't think that is feasible for the amount of robots we have. Again, Thanks for your feedback!

    Was trying to save new adjusted points in a weld cell. Teach pendant keeps saying that there isn't enough space to save data. Tried to shrink the size of the files and it still tells me that there isn't enough room for this change as well. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can add or create more space on a YA-1WAR61U23? New to these robots and any help would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.

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