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    As I understand, you are going to get from the PLC number for example - 100 in binary - 1100100 ? Then you can just read it directly using M_In16 instruction like :


    M1 = M_In16(2200)

    PCurrPos = P_Curr

    PCurrPos.X = M1

    Mov PCurrPos

    GoTo *loop

    In this example you can move your robot in X axis from the PLC.

    If I got it wrong just say it and maybe we'll find another solution!


    You need to to configure Data : Robot->Parameter->Signal Parameter->Dedicated Input/Output Assignment->Data.

    Then you need to output IODATA input to the robot for at least 15 ms before inputing OVRDSEL signal.


    You can try something like this:

    Tool 0


    JCurrPos = J_Curr 'Starting Position

    JCurrPos.J6 = Rad(-36) 'Set J6 axis to -36 degrees

    Mov JCurrPos 'Rotate J6 aaxis to -36 degrees

    'Initialize for loop


    MEnd = 10

    For M1=1 to MEnd

    MRotAngle = Rad(360/MEnd) 'Calculate rotation angle for each iteration in radians

    JOffset = SetJnt(0,0,0,0,0,M1*MRotAngle) ' Set offset

    Mov JCurrPos + JOffset 'Rotate 6 axis

    Dly 1 'Dly for better visualization

    Next M1

    GoTo *loop

    But I don't know if it is the easiest way.

    Let me know if you find better one :)