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    Does anyone here have any experience in using KUKA connect?

    One of my customers wants to turn on the Robot and go home and then get notification or monitor the progress from home. I hope KUKA connect is the right product for this application



    Thanks everyone for the inputs. I have few different options now.. radar sensor.. air knife.. optic vision.. looking at the debounce time.. I will discuss this with my team and client..


    I am looking into a robotic sanding and grinding project where we would need area scanners. I just spoke with OMRON and they say that their scanners wont work in that environment. Does anyone have any idea on what scanners might work in a metal grinding work shop?


    Recently I had an issue where I could ping my robot and could connect to it using workvisual and browse and open the controller project. But whenever I was trying to deploy the project it was giving me client/server clock synchronization error.

    After a lot of back and forth finally I found the solution.

    Login to User Group: Admin

    Then turn off the remote access option in the rights management window.

    I hope if anyone gets this error, doing this would resolve it.


    Thanks for the excellent description.

    Hi. I am new to KUKA. I was trying to understand what local slave 1 to 5 means on the ethernet ip communication settings. Could anyone direct me to any document? I have read through KUKA ethernet IP manual. It says stuff about how to set it but not what they actually mean. Like are they 5 physical devices?

    I just configured a link between krc4 and Omron nx1p2 PLC with the PLC as master and used the KRC4 eds and the robot IP in sysmac studio to create the tag link.

    I put the IP of my PLC as the scanner IP on the communication settings. I used local slave 1 and mapped it to the IO. Its working.

    But I am confused because I never mentioned any IP address when configuring the local slave. I only mentioned the TO and OT instances.

    How are the local slave 1 mapping and robot mapping related?