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    Hello, how are you? Fubini  panic mode

    First of all, thank you very much for your comment.

    Here my explanations:

    - It is the servomotor that does not reach 4500 RPM, not the axis.

    - The servomotor corresponds to a gripper and at this moment it is decoupled to do the speed tests.

    - Use a tachometer to check your actual speed.

    - Use both methods, Linear or Rotary and the speed was the same.

    - The reason I took it out of sync was just to do the speed test and find the error.

    - The transmission ratio is 188.3 due to the necessary torque, but it is currently decoupled from the reduction gear.

    Hello, good afternoon.

    I have a problem that occurs repeatedly in several robots that i have installed, where the external axis MG_64_110_35_S0 has been used and the issue is that i have never managed to reach the maximum speed of the servo indicated according to its catalog, which is 4500RPM.

    I have tried in multiple ways, with the axis in synchronism or out of synchronism and the result is the same whether it does not exceed 2500RPM, regardless of the development or the acceleration time.

    The variables that have been used are the following:

    $VEL_EXTAX[1] = 100

    $ACC_EXTAX[1] = 100

    $VEL = {CP 3.00000,ORI1 400,000,ORI2 400,000}

    $ACC = {CP 10.0000,ORI1 1000.00,ORI2 1000.00}

    $VEL_AXIS_MA[7] = 4500

    attached a project example project that was used to do the speed tests on the motor

    I have also tried using the motor as asynchronous to remove it from the robot interpolation using the Asyptp command {e1 2500} with long travels to ensure it reaches the maximum speed.

    I need your help...!