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    Hi guys!

    At first i wanted to say, that it is my first time with Profisafe and Tia.

    I had really similar issue like here:
    Changing X11 saffety to ProfiSafe

    So I guess i did all the steps mentioned and now i got this warning: KSS13012 "<SYS-X44> Error during ECat stack initialization [NetworkResponse () no Network Response]"

    So what i did from the very beginning was:

    - i checked Profisafe option in profinet settings in WV - Then the small window popped out in the right bottom corner, suggesting me to remove the SIB because it can't work with profisafe at the same time

    - so i cliked it, and it deleted SIB from the configuration for me

    - I deployed, thinking it is enough - and that is how i landed up with <SYS-X48> EtherCat Bus-Scan: BUS-Dev 'KUKA SION-SIB-STD' [CFG-Dev: Slave not configured] warning

    - i found the thread i mentioned earlier

    - i did the bridge/jumper wires on X11 as panic mode suggested, and disconnected the wires A1.PMB.X302 - A3.SIB.X250 and A1.CCU.X48 to A3.SIB.X258

    After restart i ended up with "<SYS-X44> Error during ECat stack initialization [NetworkResponse () no Network Response]" warning

    Some additional info from me:

    - It didnt ask me to activate the new safety configuration at first, but i checked safe monitoring and it asked for restart. I did it and thats where rest of the warnings come from. However i want to focus on <SYS-X44> for now (if it's possible without dealing with others warning)

    - Do i have to have any IO (safe or not) linked by now? I dont know if i did it correctly, but can it be a cause?

    My robot: KR 20 R1810-2

    My cabinet: KR C4



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