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    Hi, I was not planning to change fuse to bigger one. Just wasn`t sure if this other I/O board is suitable for that system but Fanuc already told me that it`s okay.

    We tried turning power on when EE was connected and when it wasn`t, the result was same everytime. Do you know if there is something else affecting that fuse besides EE? I couldn`t find a circuit diagram of that.

    Hi, customer has R-30iB cabinet with M-900iA/600 robot.

    Today the 2.0A fuse in Process I/O board CA (A16B-2201-0470/10F) blew when robot was going to change tool and PRIO-093 alarm was shown in screen. When we replaced the fuse and switched power on the fuse was blown again right away. We thought that the reason was in EE cable since the fuse didn`t blow at first when we disconnected that, however at some point the fuse was blown also when EE was disconnected. The customer told us that same fuse has blown before sometimes and when they have changed that then it has been working fine again.

    One thing that comes to my mind is that there might be loose wiring somewhere that we couldn`t recognize but is there anything else that would cause this kind of behavior?

    We have A16B-2201-0470/07C I/O board in stock. Can we try to change that?

    Hi, just curious about what kind of equipment do you usually use to change the oil for KUKA robots?

    For axis 3-6 it`s easy to fill the right amount effectively but for axis 1 and 2 it can be little tricky sometimes if you don`t want to spend whole day applying the oil. In the previous company I worked we used one kind of vacuum pump to apply the oil for those bigger ones. Now in the current company we don`t have similar device so I´m thinking what would be the best solution to purchase. I know that you can`t push the oil inside with pump because there`s risk that the seals don`t last.

    My colleagues had KUKA training about maintenance before but they were using like medical injection equipment to change the oil. For axis 1 and 2 it will take forever using that method. So yeah, would be nice if someone has a good idea how to perform that oil change.

    Hi, the problem seemed to be with long file names.

    While I was waiting for KUKA to answer I told them to shorten those file names a little bit, after that and making a cold start the system is running again.

    Still not sure if they can get the backup or not.

    How did it not work?

    When they tried to make backup there was this text archive not ready, cause: C3ARC. Some of these texts are in finnish so maybe this isn't the exact translation.

    After that we tried to modify the archive destination to match the current memory card because the memory card seemed to be (F:\) and it tried to save the archive to (E:\). This was done in Windows but we couldn't get it working.

    Hi, thanks for replying. I will check these tomorrow when I have to go there probably.

    I have done Cold starts with robot before but is there possibility to make more damage? I think I read some thread about that and they have made last backup one month ago. I advised them how to take backup from the robot but it didn't work so I thought maybe not do perform the cold start before backup has been made.

    I´m currently trying to solve this remotely since the customer´s site is quite far and I have other things to do tomorrow. No actions other than rebooting are done yet, I also sent the KrcDiag to KUKA.

    Maybe another reboot with cold start would be worth to test now, if I understood right the files are being reloaded during cold start. I´m not sure if cold start was being carried last time.

    Hi, customer has KUKA KR30 robot with KRC4 cabinet and KSS version 8.3.

    As far as I know, no modifications have been done but suddenly the subprogram folders seem to be empty in operator mode. If they switch to Expert mode then they can see the subprograms in folders but they can`t select those to run the programs and all of the icons of dat. and src. programs look like they are text files now. Opening the programs for modification is available.

    They have tried to reboot the system but that wasn`t the answer. My colleague was suggesting that some changes have been done in Windows but I don´t know about that. Has anyone encountered same kind of behavior before?

    The menus in photos attached are in Finnish but maybe you can get some hints about the situation.

    My system:

    KSS 8.6.8

    Kernel system version KS V8.6.411

    HMI version 8.6 B411

    Hi, I found some example about how to generate system messages with options and I was able to get the code working like it is here. Something I couldn`t figure out from the manual was how to change this number according to my counter which is INT type.

    Main reason for this kind of dialog is to ensure that the counter has right value if some stop occurs. The operator can`t check the current counter value from display -> variable -> overview when this message comes so it would be nice to include the value of counter here in the message. Any ideas how to do that?

    Same kind of thing was done in this pic below but somehow there were some syntax issues when I tried to do it that way.

    Yes as I said our electrician who made this was not there so it took some time to figure out all other connections. I was wondering if there was some easy explanation with these pins. The reason was that the channel A and channel B coming from safety mat were mixed at some point and connected to wrong pins.


    KR150 R3100-2

    KRC4 Midsize cabinet

    KSS 8.6.8

    SafeOperation V3.5.2.25

    WorkVisual version 6.0.24

    Hi, again we are facing some SafeOperation related difficulties. We are trying to use input signals from safety mat to prevent turntable from rotating, in monitoring spaces tab we have configured the space 14 for safety mat and we have tried all of those activation options but none seems to be working. In this axisspecific space we are only monitoring external axis E1 in axis group 2. We have connected the signals from safety mat to X13:pins 8 and 26 which are labeled as monitoring space 14: channel A ja channel B in wiring diagram.

    Now when safe monitoring is switched on and nobody is on the mat there`s always message that says "External safe operational stop (axis group 2)" and this is the message we would like to have after someone has stepped to the safety mat. Now after someone actually goes to safety mat there are messages "safety stop" and "safe device safety interface board SIB extended (SION-SI: Error at input 3." The safety mat should`t affect robot movement at all. Also if I understood right this external safe operational stop message should disappear without any external acknowledgement after mat is not triggered but now it stays there.

    So something in the wiring of X13 is probably wrong but we couldn`t figure that out yet and our electrician is not here today. Any help would be appreciated.

    My system:

    KUKA KR150 R3100-2

    KRC4 cabinet

    KSS 8.6.8

    Kernel system version: KS V8.6.411

    SafeOperation V3.5.2

    Hi, I´m trying to use kuka safeoperation to monitor when external axis E1 is in either end of rotation (0 or 180 degrees). I have set up these two areas in safety configuration and now I can see in the screen if the area is exceeded or not. Is there some safety-rated signal that shows when axis is in these areas and is it possible to use that information further to block some unwanted actions, for example setting output to true? In the attachments you can see the space for 0 position. Thanks in advance.