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    Dear all,

    we are trying to commission Panasonic robot TA-1400 (2007) with Tawers welder.

    We have a problem of access to welding parameters. They are greyed out. We used User: robot, password 000

    In the manual it is stated that diameter of welding wire is set up in Set-->Weld....

    In other manual it sayes that you can do that in controller-->tool.....but it is also grayed out.

    Can you explain what can we do. We need to change to weld steel and 1.2 wire (now it is probably Stainless and 1.0)

    Thank you for a reply.

    I tried to change the Ladder as you suggested.

    It gives me ERROR 3160 Cannot load illegal system data

    Is there any other option?

    I have corrected user ladder offline and wanted to upload back to TP.

    I have added

    STR-NOT #20022

    OUT #00200

    Didn't go through due to OUT #00200 allready used as OUT in the ladder.

    So, how can I make bypass.

    Can you tell me more about how to make by-pass?

    Another problem is that I can not change user ladder in TP as it says: it can not edit on the present user lever.

    Robot was a part of network (connected to PLC over Profinet-Fieldbus)m now it will be used for low budget handling without Profinet connected.

    Best would be to throw out Profinet card and sell it f somebody needs it and use integrated I/O signals from CN7 to CN10. For safety I would use MX card.


    I have problems with commisioning old HP20 NX100 robot.

    I have external holding signal, but do not know how to solve it.

    Servo ON is OK, but robot does not want to move due to HOLD signal.

    It looks like system ladder is not standard.

    External hold comes due to 40067. It is enabled due to 00200 which is off (should be on).

    00200 comes from 20220 which I do not know from where it comes.

    In the user ladder there is 80024 that makes out 70010.

    I also can not change user ladder. It says it can not edit on the present user lever (but it is management mode). There is only one higher level but I doubt that it is needed for user ladder.

    Kind regards,


    If you say so, than I have to believe it.

    Is there some other simple option to connect these two robots lets say to program each robot with its own TP, and then run programs and check/start/stop/pause programs through I/O over ethernet cable?

    So there would be no synchro moves but more as an indexing manipulator.

    Thank you.