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    For send/ receive data from Ethernet port via PC, please see the Ethernet manual for DX200, in that manual explain how you must create a string of data for send / receive data between PC and DX200.

    For your other needs for Motoplus function, you must buy it from Yaskawa, it need a software for create your program and export a *.out file from it and load on the controller, for real time data in Motoplus, you must use "ctrl sensor" example in the manual, with this function you can send any data to robot in real time and robot will move according to value that you give in this function.

    This function use for send data in real time to robot.

    Very big thanks for replying.!!

    Yes, I found the structure of the data in the manual named "DX200 OPTIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR ETHERNET FUNCTION", I am going through it .. but do u know any detailed similar example where they do the send/recieve from PC via Ethernet Port..?

    I have Motoplus from yaskawa and I will look through "ctrl sensor" and i will update you how it goes..!!

    Also, one problem is when I try sending data to DX200 from SpeedGoat (in Simulink format) it asks for a port number.. do u know about port number for UDP.. i was trying with 11000 but its wrong


    Can you tell what device can you connect to the DX200?

    PLC, PC , HMI and ...

    Hi TSGIR,

    I am connecting Speedgoat baseline which is a real time target machine used for running real time simulations and I am connecting it to CN104 port of Dx200

    Thank you so much for replying

    Gurtej Singh :)

    Are you trying to control the robot using physical I/O signals? Ethernet commands? FieldBus protocol?

    There is an Option Package to communicate with the controller using TCP. A bit complicated, if you are not familiar with "regular" programming, but depends on how advanced you want to get.

    Hi el_dk,

    I will have a brief overview here, I am using a PC, Speedgoat baseline and DX200 controller from YASKAWA. The main purpose is to deploy a Simulink code from PC to Speedgoat and from speedgoat to Dx200 (connected to CN104 via ethernet) I have realtime UDP communication protocol between speedgoat to DX200 and they are able to ping each other. But when I try to send some data from simulink to DX200:

    1) Which port should I send data to ?

    2) How to see the data is received by DX200?

    I am also willing to use MOTOplus to make it easier to fetch data recieved from speedgoat.

    I want to control MOTOMANRobot using simulink code in communication with real time feedback from cameras (Welding and hyperspectral)

    Can you please tell a bit more about this option package and where can I find it ?

    Thank you so much for replying

    Gurtej Singh:)

    Hi everyone,

    I am a student and trying to learn how to communicate with DX200 in real-time, I am trying to receive UDP signals in DX200 and interpret them to control MOTOMANrobot later. But the first part is how to receive the external signals and second part is how to interpret it to use data to control robot. I have tried checking M registers but couldn't find anything there. Please help !!