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    hi all,

    I haved finiseg instalation and implementation of reference switch, all of things are working, when i do calibration it is ok. I want to use my calibration with reference switch in my random program of robot. What i can use it? What is called function whitch can check is position of switch ok or not ok. thanks for helping

    Hi guys i have problem with definig point in kuka sim. I'm begginer ang i want to define a point in space

    Points P1,2,3,4,5 I have defined by using position of the TCP, but when I want to create random point using only parameters x,y,z i cant and program crashes

    How i can create points in kuka?

    Hello, I want to start programing kuka robots, now in simulator. Where i can find usefull materials how to start it. Do you guys have materials like this? I need materials to see how kuka language looks like.


    I'm writing my graduate work about "KUKA safeOperation axis calibration with plate on the reference switch" and I have one problem on the internet is very difficult to get meaningfull materials about that i fing only KST_SafeOperation_32_en.pdf. Do you have maybe some materials, manuals, DTR's, videos or something that can help me to describe and understand my issue of axis calibration with plate on the reference switch. I will be very greatfull of any form of help.