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    This particular robot has no electrical DWGs with it so that did not help. What I found was a group 2 motor being used as a spindle motor. I was not aware of the group 2 & 3 capability at the time. This forum helped me with that. Calibrated the spindle motor and all was good. Thank you for the responses.

    I did. I calibrated from the screen you master on and I calibrated by selecting Calibrate from the 'Type Menu'. There has to be more meaning to the fault, I have just not been able to find out what that is. The robot is calibrated as best I can tell. I see <0.00> for each axis when it completes.

    Swapped R30ib robot controllers, restored new to area controller with recent image from the original controller. Made sure to jog each axis far beyond 30 degrees. Aligned robot to zero marks. Mastered, calibrated (all positions go to 0) press done, applied DCS, cycled power. Powers up and all looks good until running the homing program - MOTN-049. Went through this sequence several times and always same result. Any help greatly appreciated.

    New to Motoman and trying to understand the P Variable. I would like to share P variables between jobs and the since they are global that seems like a simple task. What is throwing me is that when I look at an archived job using a text editor I see the P variable position listed in the job making it appear to be a local variable. I would expect a separate file to hold the P variables similar to the way it is done in Fanuc Robots. I want to make sure that if the P variable is changed in one job that change is reflected in another job. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    I need to know if the robot was jogged while in teach mode and I do not have the system programming option to run in the background and monitor the "Jog Operation" Specific Output #55. Unfortunately that bit is reset when a program is started in PLAY mode and that is when I would need to know if it was jogged. I created a macro to monitor Sout#55 and set a variable but I need to run the macro when changing from Teach to Play or run it from a PLC output signal. Is either possible? If not possible, alternative ideas are welcome. Thanks

    Does anyone know of system variable that forces the screen back to the running program? For example I press menu and before I can select an option, the menu screen clears and the display goes back to the program.


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    $UI_CONFIG.$BLNK_TIMER is the amount of time before the backlight turns off if no buttons are pressed.

    If $TX.$BLNK_ENABLE is TRUE, then $TX.$BLNK_TIMER is the amount of time

    in minutes before the teach pendant screen becomes blank. This will prolong the life of the teach

    pendant screen. Pressing any key will re-display the screen.


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