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    I have the same problem. I have an algorithm to do path planning and send trajectories to the robot with user socket messaging option. The robot is blocked sometimes when neither of the angles are beyond boundaries with the error being "MOTN-017 Limit error (G;1, A:2,3)". In the specifications for the robots, they usually specify the limits on j2/j3 interaction which is j2+j3 (upper and lower) but i'm getting this error even when i'm between the upper and lower limits.

    Hello guys,

    I'm trying to write an integer in a register using the built-in procedure "set_int_reg". It's not working and i'm getting a status of 17030.

    Does anybody know what does it mean ?

    Also, is there a document by fanuc that describe the error codes ?


    Hello guys,

    Is it possible to use DCS in roboguide in order to check if the robot is in a certain zone without the alarm ? i want the robot to enter the zone and keep running, at the same time i want an output telling me that the robot is in the zone. Actually, when robot enter a DCS zone it stops with an alarm.

    If not, is it possible with another option, other than DCS ?

    Thank you.

    : )

    Why robot have so bad performance with CR100 (it isn't CNT, it is CR, we use option "Advanced motion package")?

    38:L P[26] R[11:L]mm/sec CR100 ;

    If you don't use constants, controller can't apply the famous "look ahead" feature. Unless you add "LOCK PREG" in your TP program. This line locks the registers so their values can't change during execution. You can also add "UNLOCK PREG" at the end of the TPP for ex.

    I'm currently implementing the same approach but i'm having problems with cnt. I have to simulate the cnt trajectories in advance so my algorithm can learn on them and check for collisions. The problem is that it's difficult to find out how exactly fanuc's cnt algorithm work so i can copy it. How did you solve this problem ? Currently i am only able to send "fine" trajectories.

    Hello, i'm trying to reverse engineer the CNT of fanuc. I need to simulate the trajectories so my AI can learn on it. Does anyone have any idea if there's a description of fanuc's method for cnt ? i'm afraid if i use other methods i will get different results.

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