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 UR10 moveP parallel shift

Author Topic:  UR10 moveP parallel shift  (Read 712 times)

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September 13, 2018, 05:40:13 AM
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Hi All,

I am new to UR Robot, right now we do UR10 Robot for window glazing/gluing process.
I use moveP during dispensing the glue, there is a lot of moveP waypoints for the complete glass process.
One day, the mechanical fixture holding the product changed.
This meant the robot paths would need to change as well.
However, the path on product did not change, because the glass is still the same.
but only location of the glass is shifted.
Right now i must reteach hundreds of points one by one.
while edit it one by one, the posture position also possible be different compare to previous path that already quality accepted.

The feature that I knew was Parallel Shift Tool on Yaskawa Motoman,
which can edit multiple/all point only in 1 shot of command, move the points to X,Y,Z

Is there also a tool with same/similar function in this Universal Robot?

Thanks before,

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September 13, 2018, 06:01:30 AM
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I need to update my previous post,
in UR i found that we able to use Plane Feature to shift the movement during play,
but if we jog manually to the point, it is still on the original point,
so with this Plane Feature, partially can solve the issue on my previous post,
but we lost the ability to touch-up or reteach some point,

in this example i teach the plane with 4 corner of the glass,
and the glass position shifted up on Z direction for 50mm,
after i updated the plane according to new location of the glass,
during play, it is OK,
but when we manually jog the robot to the position, in order to touch-up some points,
the dispense tool will hit the glass,
which will go to original point that currently 50 mm under the glass on Z direction.

Please Advice...

October 18, 2018, 11:25:31 AM
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I don't have a robot at my disposal right at this moment, but please check the FEATURE in the move to this waypoint window. If you've got BASE selected there and not your actual feature, the robot will go to the position relative to its base.
I'll have to check with the guys back at the workshop and our own UR10s, but I think that's why you're having difficulties.

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