ABB IRB6400 S4 M94 connected to computer...

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  • Hi Mikael,
    I don't know any connection with a PC for the S4 controller! You can't do a backup at this controller version!
    Early the first S4c controller have this backup function included!
    The S4c+ controller are the first type of ethernet connection. Then you can use a normally ftp-program for up- and downloads.
    The settings on you pc when you want use a connection with the S4c and the S4c+ must be:

    When you want connection you must call the server and is not allowed to used a 'anonymos' login. Wich user or passwort is unimportant. But you must fill out with any letters.

    With the new IRC5 is this much easyer. You can use a dhcp on you pc and the controller give your pc the settings automaticlly. With the ftp program you can use the same settings to connect.
    But also you can use is the RobstudioOnline. Attention is another thing like the robstudio!
    The robstudioOnline is freeware!

    I hope you can use this information!

    Take care!


    Nobody is perfekt!

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  • hello both:
    I once had seen on my equipment's old computer a serial port connection icon, using Windows HyperTerminal tool, connect to a IRB6000 M93 controller using RS232 cable.
    Unfortunely, the connection parameter was not correct when I takeover this equipment. And our regional ABB srvice guy does not know how to restore this connection since S4 is a too old type.
    Do you have any idea?

    Good controller for good manipulator, good programmer for good robots

  • Maybe this comes too late (about two years too late), as I ended up using this forum only a few days ago... :smiling_face:

    There is a way to do this. Although M94 controllers cannot be equipped with a ethernet board, they support SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol), provided that the robot has the RAP option activated.

    Saying this, you may get see a light in the end of the tunnel. It is a train. RAP communication requires a lots of work to construct the function calls. There are, however, communication libraries to do this at reasonable price.

    The bad news, again, is that the library I know, supports Windows version up to NT4.0, but not above. Now, you might quess that the reason for me to end up in this forum was to find out if someone has found a way to configure SLIP on XP or Vista and has found a way to connect to a M94 controller. But no...

  • I would very much appreciate any help on connecting to ABB S4 controller via a PC. Please let me know where I could get the software/libraries. I’ll gladly share all the information that I have. Thanks, Arthur

  • Is this thread still the truth about connecting S4 to pc? I found unit to replace floppy disk with usb connector, but it would be better to connect with wire to be able to manage I/O's and other parameters.. if it's possible..

    Any new software or information related to this thread?

  • hi,Sven
    Then how does S4C system M97? I have a 6400 of M97, with OS number:
    3HAC2700-2/24 System Pack 3.2
    TP Language
    Irb 6400
    LoadId and ColDetect
    Screen Viewer
    Advanced Functions
    ABB Spot Timer

    I checked controller but did not foind Ethernet port. I there any other way to retrieve backups & load program files, except floopy disk?

    Good controller for good manipulator, good programmer for good robots

  • In regards to retrieve backups and programs on S4C controllers, I believe the option you may be looking for is WebWare/FactoryWare. I have attached a page from the Basware Options manual. It is from the 4.0 baseware, but I believe it applies to the 3.X versions as well. You would have to contact ABB directly to get hardware/software for this. And be ready to dig deep into those pockets $$$$$$.

  • How does (did) car factories operate on early S4 (robotware 2.x)? We have some robots that used to make cars and tp's are like new, so they had some remote connection to operate..

  • There could have been several different ways to control the robots remotely: plain IO-signals, a serial line, or SLIP+RAP over serial line.

    Using IO is very easy nowadays. There are plenty of different USB IO-cards varying from very cheap to very expensive models. Some -if not most- of them come with libraries that make it easy to write computer programs that set/reset digital signals.

    Using serial line requires Advanced functions option. It will add serial line instructions in the robot's programming language. SLIP protocol obviously comes with this option.

    Then, the most powerful way to communicate is the RAP Communication option. It allows the PC programmer to access variables and IO signals, to upload/download/save/load/start/stop programs and modules and even move the robot. Using RAP requires either an etehernet adapter or the SLIP option.

  • Is it possible to have an ethernet adapter to M94 products?

  • Hi guys, I`m trying for a long time to make the connection to the robot but without advanced function is not working. Has anyone found a solution that really works and is ready to help others?

  • hi everybody
    I want to communicate robot IRB6400 s4 m94a with plc r485-2. it's possible? as I know sio4 for rs485 but ı can set it for rs485-2 and is there any disket for commands to data sending-receiving?

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  • I want to make a system backup (not only programs backup) from a S4C+. My controller has a RJ-45 port in the cabinet
    I have read the suggestions of Sven Weyer, but I think this is valid for programs backup.

    Could anybody say me how can I make a backup using the RJ-45 port (remember that I have a S4C+ controller)?

    Thaks in advance

  • Old topic, but same issue, same equipment.

    Now, what is needed on the PC side of a RAP connection (over SLIP)? I found some articles about using Matlab, and an old program called PCROB..

    Is it going to require a pile of programming on my end, or does something current exist?

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