Fanuc R-30iA HMI

  • Does anybody have suggestions for creating a simple HMI display for a Fanuc R-2000iB with R-30iA control? I have read it can be done without a PLC using SNPX, but I'm having a hard time navigating the help files and documentation to get this configured.

    I'm open to any suggestions, if it's simpler to use a HMI with PLC via ethernet that's fine.

    I also have started using the HMI builder with MS Frontpage. Please let me know if you have experience with this and if it is a viable solution or option. I could I use the UOP with a standard monitor displaying the HMI function?

    A lot of questions, thanks for any help!

  • I usually toss an HMI display on the teach pendant under the HMI Quick Menu that just shows a basic status of the robot and covers a couple important functions. If you're patient, you can probably do whatever you need to with the MS Frontpage method. It's definitely the cheapest option. I don't know if I would add a PLC to a cell just to put in an HMI though.

    Here's something you might find handy: I occasionally found it necessary to call and run a TP program from the HMI. The easiest way I discovered to do that without having to mess with KAREL was to customize the user menus to run a TP program, and then put a direct HTML link into the HMI .STM file that called that specific menu item. For example:

    <a href="/SOFTPART/GENLINK?current=menupage,31,250"> (your link text or image goes here) </a>

    will call whatever program you've set up in the system variable $CUSTOMMENU[10], which gets displayed in the utilities menu when you're not using HMI menus. There are 26 different menu items you can customize to call a TP program. All you would need to change in that URL are the two numbers after "current=menupage,". The first number is the softpart ID, and the second is the screen ID. Section F.5.6 of the HandlingTool manual lists all the softpart ID and screen IDs of the customizable user menus.

    The other tip I have is to resize your frontpage window so that the size displayed on the lower right is 640x365. This seems to give me the best WYSIWYG results.

  • Yes, SNPX is all you need to connect HMI to R-30iA. Well, maybe not all. You will also need a special cable (RS-232C) to connect HMI to controller. I used to have a hard time with this but finally i was managed to make them work together.
    Things to do:
    1. Configure HMI communications parameters (HMI manual)
    2. Make a cable RS-232C (HMI + R-30iA manual) -> that was "fun" because cable schematics in both manuals were different and both didn't work ;) I had to mixed them up and it worked!
    3. Configure R-30iA communications parameters and (if you want cool stuff) $SNPX_ASG.

    That's all. If you have any questions I'll be happy to help you :)

    PS. Sorry for my English, past tenses aren't my favourite ;)

  • I am putting a GE Fanuc Quickpanel unit on a R-30iA robot communicating over ethernet. It seems to work pretty well as a HMI for he Fanuc robot.

  • SNPX works good but I try to avoid using KepServer whenever I can because when someone creates a new mer they always seem to forget to point to the Kepserver file. Save yourself some headache and use a redlion. Or use SharePoint 2007 and use quickpanels to do some screens on the teachpendant.

  • hello All, any one now what is the Procedure for connecting HMI screen to the plc of 30 iA controller.
    in my screen i have COM1 with RS-232 (9 pin female) and on the controller robot the input is RS-232-c(20 pin male) it's port 2 (JD 17).
    i dont know if the wiring i did is correct? and also the other step in the tech pandent?
    thank you any one please...

  • You can download my test project SNPX - Fanuc + Proface. All the fun runs. I can see the errors, registers, position registers and I\O. Registers and i\o You can assign new values to use HMI.

    Could you please tell me what was the physical connection between Fanuc and Pro-Face in your case? What cables, which ports?

    Thanks in advance!


    ok, I found in the AoA backup that you have attached to the project, that the connection is via Ethernet cable, to Port 1 on Main Board of the controller. So the question now is: does the robot require a EthernetIP Scanner or EthernetIP Adapter option to work with the Pro-Face panel? Or it's just p&p?

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