$MOVE_ENABLE Input not allowed or $MOVE_ENABLE Eingang nicht Erlaubt

  • mmmm...again ???

    Just checked on a KRC4 we have here, and yes $MOVE_ENABLE stops all motion, even jogging (as the name suggests really!).

    I seem to remember on a KRC2 it only stopped movement in EXT? I can across this problem a when I first used a KRC2 and couldn't set it to 1025 ....or does my brain need a cold reboot?

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  • what would cause the robot not to run in EXT? I remember a late night once with a KRC2 which wouldn't run in EXT due to a signal not being enabled.

    $DRIVES_OFF maybe?

  • I had same problem, customer didn't want to buy a I/O module and also new KCP that's why I had to find a solution. I had disassembled a KCP and than put bridge between AUTO and EXT. Almost I was going to scratch a way of EXT but I noticed AUTO mode is dominant when both of them connected with the signal. I have attached the picture so you can see my terrible work :)


    Have You solved the problem with start Automatic mode after connect AutExt-Aut?

  • guys i have same proble, did yuo solve this and how, same configuration, i just had to wire the safety gates safety inputs to remove safety gates message buti still have the $move_enable input not allaowed

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