My.Kuka. Registration problem

  • Hello.

    I have registered on My.Kuka, but I cannot verify my account. Can you please explain: How does this system work here and is it possible to speed up this process?

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

  • Lemster68

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  • Forgive me, its been a while since I've done this. I believe as long as you were not given a disclaimer message about "contacting your local Kuka rep to continue the registration process" you should have been sent an email with a big orange button that says "verify email". If you got all of this and it still has not worked, I would email Kuka customer support. They are usually fairly quick to respond in my experience. They would be able to assist you further.

  • This is the message I received and nothing else for several days:

    You can now log in to with your user name [removed email address for your protection] and your password and use my.KUKA's basic functions such as Xpert or view our product data.

    The complete functions within my.KUKA can be used after your registration has fully been verified. You will be notified by a separate confirmation email.

    If you have any questions about the registration procedure or my.KUKA, please contact our customer support.

    If you need support with your first steps in my.KUKA feel free to visit our FAQ or getting-started section.

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