Fanuc RJ3ib controller power problems

  • Hello,

    I am a new poster and a long time visitor. I have multiple Fanuc Rj3ib systems and my most recent acquisition is a used unit that has some problems. When powering up the system, I do not get control panel activation or teach pendent response. The controller seems to power up normally with fans and normal LED indicator lights on the back plane. The I/O modules do not seem to have power either. I would appreciate help troubleshooting this problem. Thanks in advance.


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  • Thanks for the responses. After troubleshooting to the extent of my capabilities I eventually found a cable that was unplugged near where the 460/3/60 power disconnect is located. I believe the connector is for a remote estop. Everything works as intended once the connector was re-installed. It was challenging to troubleshoot and I feel fortunate that I stumbled into the problem.


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