Fanuc MOTN-171 overload

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    I have a Fanuc M10ia that was programed by a vendor and we are getting a constant warning MOTN-171 when we are running one particular TP program. It is a pick position and after its gripped and command to move away I get warning. The end of arm tooling has two grippers and at this point only one is being loaded. I do not get this warning with no parts or one part in other gripper or even two parts in grippers only the one being loaded into gripper 1. My payload I believe is set accurately.


    1: UTOOL_NUM=1 ;

    2:J P[1] 100% CNT100 ;

    3:J PR[3:p111pp] 100% CNT60 ;

    4:L PR[4:p111pu] 1000mm/sec FINE DB 10.0mm,CALL MC_XY_OPEN ;


    6: WAIT DI[29:ON :Stopper_is_opn]=ON AND RI[5:OFF:PartInGripper1]=ON ;

    7: DO[29:OFF:opnStopper]=OFF ;

    8: PAYLOAD[2:Grp.1 loaded] ;

    9:L PR[3:p111pp] 1000mm/sec CNT100 ; Warning Happens Here MOTN-171 Overload



    12:J P[1] 100% CNT100 ;

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  • 8: PAYLOAD[2:Grp.1 loaded] ;

    9:L PR[3:p111pp] 1000mm/sec CNT100 ; Warning Happens Here MOTN-171 Overload

    The fault code is displayed because you change the payload immediately before the motion instruction.

    What is in your #2 payload schedule? (MENU > SYSTEM > MOTION)


    Group 1

    1 Schedule No [2] : [Grp.1 loaded]

    2PAYLOAD                           [kg] 6.54

    3PAYLOAD CENTER X      [cm] 0.0

    4 PAYLOAD CENTER Y     [cm] -0.43

    5. PAYLOAD CENTER Z [cm] 21.71

    6 PAYLOAD INERTIA X [kgfcms^2] 0.00

    7 PAYLOAD INERTIA Y [kgfcms ^2] 0.00

    8 PAYLOAD INERTIA Z [kgfcms^2] 0.79

  • I ended up reducing the payload to 5.54 KG and warning has gone away, but I am unsure this was the right fix.

    If you are not sure of the real weight of the tool, you need to weight it, just dissasemble the tool from the interface and get the correct weight.

    There is no point in trying random values until the robot doesn't give warnings... on my work they used to do that and result was that some robot reducers got damaged, we dissasembled the tools and they weighted way more than the payload stated. We updated that value on the other robots, redo the payloads and motion overloads were gone.

  • Either your tool (plus part) is too heavy for this robot, or your cog-values are faulty.

    21cm in Z for the cog seems to be a very high value. According to the wrist payload diagram, at that distance the payload should be less than 2,5kg to be within spec.

    Do as others have told you, weigh the tool and put in the correct weight in your payload schedule. Also measure/calculate/have someone qualified make an educated guess of the location of cog.

  • I have found prints of Gripper Tooling with Weight and measurements. Gripper weight is 6.5KG and attached picture shows measurements.

    The gripper can hold 2 parts that are .47KG each so when loaded overall weight is 7.46KG is this too much for this robot?

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  • I can't see the images in your post, and the links they're referring to are blocked by IT...

    Just copy and paste the pics inside your post.

    You need to either calculate or guestimate where the cog is in relation to the J6-flange ("tool0"), then check the robot's load diagram to see if you are within spec regarding the weight.

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