I can't clear an alarm without getting robot home but can't move robot without clearing alarm HELP PLEASE

  • I have a fanuc arcmate 100i with a RJ3 controller. It is set up with a 2 station turn table with a wall divider in the middle. I'm not sure what happened last night but I know that if you flip the air off on it, it throws the external emergency alarm, and the only way to reset it, is to rotate the table manually, and then hold it in position while someone else flips the lever to turn the air back on. The problem is, that the robot was in the middle of the program, so the middle wall divider won't let the table rotate because the robot blocks it from being able to turn, to reset that alarm. Is there any way to be able to move the robot out of the way while there is a srvo-007 external emergency alarm?

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  • You could jump the emergency stop contacts inside the RJ3 controller or in the control panel of the robotic cell if you have the electrical plans. This is not a good practice, be extremely cautious and never let the robot out of T1 with the jump cables in place. You should find the information about which contacts to jump in the RJ3 maintenance manual.

  • yea I'm not the best at the electrical side of things at this place because none of the robot systems have blueprints for the panels. It's insanity I know. And makes issues like these worse than they have to be. I was just hoping that maybe there was a variable or something I could turn off just long enough to get the robot out of the way of the table, and then turn it back on. It's rarely that simple though. I appreciate the response and advice brother

  • There is no way to override a safety input through software on an RJ3. You will need to TEMPORARILY bypass the external e-stop input into the robot to clear the fault.

    Can you post a picture of the back of the cabinet door? Specifically the main board. We should be able to help with that.

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