Abb s4c+ e-stop ES1 issue

  • Hi everyone recently acquired an irb 140 m2000 s4c+. So far I've used robinstall to create a new system and installed it into the robot all is well there but I still have issues. The ES1 light is out on the panel board dsqc509 all others are lit errors concerning this are "10012 safety guard stop state""10013 emergency stop state""20221 chain conflict""20223 emergency stop conflict""20202 emergency stop open". Both cabinet and pendant estops are out and when they are pressed ES2 light goes out as expected. I have put a new panel board dsqc509 in and another teach pendant aswell but problem still remains got me scratching my head a little. I will cross reference the wiring with this unit to another s4c+ cabinet I have to see if there's any differences but I'm at a loss. Any ideas, thank you.

  • Lemster68

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  • Hi stanH678! Sounds like you don't have the safeties tied in properly (or there's something wrong with the estop from the controller or pendant. To test this, make sure you have a jumper from A81 (backplane) X1:3 to X1:4 to X1:5 and then another jumper from X2:3 to X2:4 to X2:5. This will satisfy the ES1/ES2 top circuits. You will also need to do the same for X1:9 to X1:10 and another from X2:9 to X2:10. Place another on X1:7 to X1:8 and yet another on X2:7 to X2:8. If this doesn't help, than the issue lies with the pendant (connection came out of the contacts) or at the cabinet estop (which I've seen the little clips break off and cause this type of issue. Due to the dual chain estop, it needs to see both channels go low and then high TOGETHER or it will kick up those types of errors. Hope this helps!

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