Converting a robot to arc weld

  • Hello, I have a couple kawasaki zx200s on d controllers that do not have the arc welding firmware and kawasaki says the firmware was never made for this series of robot... I would like to convert this robot to arc weld particularly mig weld. Has anybody done similar, used robots without arc welding firmware to arc weld? How did it work out for you?

  • I dont know this will help or not but we kind of faced same situation so we did this

    1. Initial Purpose: The customer bought a Yaskawa robot for handling tasks.
    2. Change of Plans: Later, they decided to use the robot for spot welding instead.
    3. Adaptation: To make this work, we did the following:
      • Spot Poke Gun: We created a special tool called a “spot poke gun” and attached it to the robot.
      • PLC Interface: We connected all the spot welding equipment to a programmable logic controller (PLC).
      • Communication: The PLC talked to the robot.
    4. How It Worked:
      • Robot Positioning: The robot moved to the welding position.
      • Output Signal: When ready, it turned on an output signal.
      • PLC Command: The PLC received this signal and triggered the welding timer.
      • Spot Complete: After welding, the PLC sent a signal to the robot indicating the spot was complete.

    In summary, we adapted the robot for spot welding by adding a custom tool, connecting it to a PLC, and coordinating signals between the robot and welding equipment. 🤖🔥

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