Adjust fanuc speed and accel in cold start

  • Hello,

    I am working on an older fanuc machine (8 years). These robots seem super slow for some reason at 100%. I want to check in the config file to make sure the acceleration and speed values are correct and they haven't been reduced. Can someone help me remember where these settings are?



  • $MCR_GRP[1].$PRGOVERRIDE in the system variables will scale the max speed, but the robot will still show 100%. If the value is not 100.0, it will affect your robot max speed. The other possibility I see is that there is a DCS Joint Speed Check that slows the robot.

    Just to be sure, you were in AUTO mode when you noticed the slow speed, right? When in T1 mode (manual mode where you jog the robot or test programs), speed is slowed automatically, even at 100%.

  • Thank you for the response. I will check the variable. We are definitely in full auto. We just have two machines side by side running "almost" identical setups and one is about 75% the speed of the other. There are some other factors that could be causing the problem but I just wanted to eliminate this from being the issue

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