Kuka DirectoryLoader error in OfficeLite

  • Hi everyone,

    I am starting to work with the package Kuka DirectoryLoader

    I can install it correctly in the workivisual project and deploy it in Kuka OfficeLite 8.6.

    But the end of the deploy requires a reboot of the controller, after the reboot I have the following error (in the screens the full text): Error while reading the variable: {0}! {DirectoryLoaderProcessException} Source="KukaRoboter.SmartHMI.DirectoryLoader.

    This error will cause a shutdown of the smatHMI so I cannot even try to debug the issue.

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  • I haven't found a solution to the above problem yet, but at least I have found a way to install the package without errors:

    - Start from a clean backup of the officelite virtual machine

    - Install the directoryloader package from the Smart HMI menu (avoid installation in Workivisual and then deploy to the officelite)

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