How to rename(recomment) a lot of digital IO's fast?

  • Hi guys,

    im working with Fanuc robots where is terrible mess of digital IO comments.

    I have to rename/recomment (or just name an empty slots as "reserved") 70% of digital IO signals on 18 robots.

    Any ideas have to make it fast?


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  • I had the same issue a few weeks ago, and I solved it this way, thanks to HawkMe.

    - Make a backup of the real robot.

    - Import it on Roboguide - create cell from backup.

    - Export IOcomments.csv and modify it (\Documents\My Workcells\(yourCellName)\Exports

    - Import it back on Roboguide.

    - I used the FCTN-0.NEXT-2.SAVE on the I/O pages that I modified, just in case...

    - Make a backup via virtual TP. (the route should be \Documents\My Workcells\(yourCellName)\Robot_1\UD1.

    -Get the from that folder.

    -Load it on the real robot and cycle power!

    Let me know if it worked!

    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

  • I have a Karel program you can use to add your comments. Then just run it in the robot.

    The problem with karel is that only a few people have acces to it, as it's a paid option, and even fewer people know the language.

    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

  • You can also create the Roboguide from a backup. From the RG (robot tab) open one of the web browsers, robot tools/comment tool.

    When your done file/backup AOA. Go grab the DIOCNFGSV.IO from that backup and manually load into the robots

  • It is working! Thank you for help.

    We can close the topic dear moderators.

  • If you know the IP-Addresses of the FANUCs you may use a browser to connect to them and use the HMI-Pendant. Once connected choose [Robot tools] -> [Comment tool]. From the list to the left choose what you would like to write or change:

    This way you don't even have to leave your desk. :winking_face:

    Never EVER again fanuc!

  • Last time I create batch files with curl commands. So i can set comments and values for registers, I/O, Group I/O, position registers , string registers. Using Excel it is easy to convert a list with the comments to a batch file. Here the sFc values I know so long.

    Here the Roboguide simulation is addressed (, change it to the real robot or you can use a variable parameter of the batch file (like %1).

    So i can set the comments from command line, on every robot on the network. One little problem: spaces aren't allowed in the comments.

    If I had several robots with same comments I would prefer this procedure.

  • Thank you, hermann! I had made a note to look into this as a possible way of changing I/O Comments (I do something similar for PAYLOAD, TIMER, UFRAME, UTOOL data via KCL). A couple of honorable mentions for accomplishing the OP's goal are fexcel from jay at ONE Robotics and FANUC Comment Tool from linuxsand (the same person behind the incredibly useful Know FANUC Alarm Codes website).

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