I feel like it and I'm bored, my new project: M2000 and 7+8 axis

  • First I would like to introduce my system.

    I got a system that had 3 external axes.
    A motor is defective and I only want to operate 2 external axes.
    Everything is in the controller cabinet, no external control cabinet
    An extension of the connector board and a 2nd SMB are mounted in the cabinet.
    The system also had a welding option and a SIB board. I removed all of that.

    I can boot the robot alone without any problems. Can I still load the axes later?
    Or do I absolutely have to boot SERVICE?
    What exactly does SERVICE booting do?

    I also have a backup of the old system with 3 axes, but not everything is listed in the *.moc parameters. There is probably a lot hidden and not included in the backup.

  • It's been 7-8 yrs so not sure how much I remember. It's even more fun to do on a customer's floor. I recall at least 2 times I've seen others leave the motor connected to satisfy the setup but not move it.

    Service allows you to also change the external axis setup.

  • In the meantime I looked at the cfg files.
    M7C1B2.cfg....M8C1B2.cfg to M12C1B2.cfg

    i found this inside:

    -name "M7C1B2" -use_measurement_board_type "DSQC313" -measurement_system 1\
    -board_position 1 -measurement_node 1

    In my opinion it could be this value. only this value is changing
    -measurement_node 1 ...2 to 6

    Today I'm changing the wiring, maybe I'll get to the test.

  • The wiring has now been changed.
    After making some changes to the moc, the system boots up without any errors.


    I still can't move the axis. I get torque and collision errors.

    The engine data is probably not correct yet.

    I need the correct unencrypted data for an MTC750.

    Where can I get the correct data?

  • Update:
    one axis is running :jumping:
    The problem lies in the use of the driver units.
    I (think) can't operate 2 MTC750s on a DSQC 346U.
    one axis runs on node 2.

    The other axis must be connected to the rectifier drive unit.
    this can also deliver 55A.

    tommorow i will test again

    i will modify this section


    -name "M7C1B2" -use_drive_unit_type "DSQC_346U" \
    -use_current_controller "c_c_fast_1" -use_drive_unit_supervision "d_u_sup" \
    -drive_system 1 -unit_position 1 -node 2 -i_max 55 -i_thermal 24 \
    -temp_ambient_rise_transistor 2
    # -name "M8C1B2" -use_drive_unit_type "DSQC_358G"\ -use_current_controller "c_c_fast_1" -use_drive_unit_supervision "d_u_sup"\ -drive_system 1 -unit_position 0 -node 2 -i_max 55 -i_thermal 24\ -temp_ambient_rise_transistor 2

  • Both axis are now moving, but I had to change the configuration again.
    The 2 external axes are now connected to the same unit at location A3/Node2.
    The same entries are available for both axes under Drive Unit.
    I can now activate A7 or A8. The system does the switching itself. If I activate A8, A7 is automatically deactivated.
    But I can live quite well with this solution.

    I didn't manage to connect A7 to the rectifier and A8 to drive unit A3. I kept getting errors from the measuring system.

    I guess:
    It is not possible to connect the SMB to Connector Board 2 and the drive unit to Connector Board1. The axis was then connected to two different axis computers.

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