MotoSimEG-VRC Multi Window Funtion - Change Window Pattern

  • I am new to the MotoSimEG-VRC platform.

    I just created a controller from the CMOS file of a physical robot [YRC1000/GP50], this has extra packages such as MotoSight 2D Camera and Conveyor Traking...

    I have problems when trying to use the MULTI-WINDOW function[which is a basic function on the YRC1000], or change the window pattern, simply by selecting the pattern does not change the layout of the window, nor the characteristic icon in the upper corner of the virtual pendant is displayed, does anyone know if there is any parameter that could enable the multi-window function.

    With other CMOS files this function works correctly.

    Thank you very much in advance.


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  • What version of Motosim EG/VRC are you using? I have not had any issues with the multi-window option on newer versions of EG/VRC. Currently running 2023 version.

    I am currently using the 2022 SP1

    Even though I have opened other CMOS files, and in those as well as the ones I generated in the classes I can use the multi window function, but now that I generated the file in this robot it does not allow me to use the function even though the tab does appear.

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