GO Set - on ABB

  • Hello, I am trying to make pressure data table for the spot welding . As I am using ITV module i have to setup the count number to GO when applying schedule. when i Have loaded this program. i am getting following error.:

    Assignment target type signalgo is not value type. Could anyone tell me what needs to be changed from the Following program?

    PROC SetGunPressure(dnum PressureData)

    IF PressureData=1 THEN goPressureITV1:=500;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 2 THEN goPressureITV1:=1000;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 3 THEN goPressureITV1:=1500;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 4 THEN goPressureITV1:=2000;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 5 THEN goPressureITV1:=2500;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 6 THEN goPressureITV1:=3000;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 7 THEN goPressureITV1:=3500;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 8 THEN goPressureITV1:=4000;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 9 THEN goPressureITV1:=4500;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 10 THEN goPressureITV1:=5000;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 11 THEN goPressureITV1:=5500;

    ELSEIF PressureData= 12 THEN goPressureITV1:=6000;



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  • chandsavaliya9768

    Changed the title of the thread from “GO Setup on ABB” to “GO Set - on ABB”.
  • Lemster68

    Approved the thread.
  • It worked. Thank you. Here is the new code after the modifications.

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