Parker Solenoid Valve Bank Connection to Fanuc EOAT

  • Greetings of the day everyone .

    This is my first time connecting a EOAT to a REAL ROBOT of Fanuc 2000ic 125L of R30iB plus Controller.

    Network Block - Balluff [ BNI008P ]

    Valve Bank - Parker [ P2M2HBVE12400 ] [picture shown Below ]

    I given IP address to Network Block and Valve Bank and I PING Successfully with the teach pendent. Iam not getting the Power LED ON to it , so that i can toggle with DO ,

    Sorry , if its a dumb question .

    I dont know how to set up in the DO to toggle the Specific gripper cylinders to Clamp and Unclamp and am I missing something for the power ? because the power to the Valve bank is getting from Balluff and its works fine and i even changed the Power cable too , but no luck .

    Any other steps iam missing to trouble shoot ?

    Please help me , thank you


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