No Karel or Vision Tools? Now introducing Matrix Math in TP!

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    I've implemented the Karel programs MATRIX and INVERSE in TP. Downside is you have to sacrifice a user frame for it to work. I picked 9.

    In the karel programs you would call it like so:

    : CALL MATRIX(89,90,91) ;

    Where PR[91]=PR[89]*PR[90].

    The TP Program functions the same way, except for the name.

    : CALL MMULT(89,90,91) ;

    Same deal for inverse. Karel version is called like this:

    : CALL INVERSE(89,90) ;

    Where PR[90]=PR[89]'.

    The TP Program functions the same way, except for the name.

    : CALL MINV(89,90) ;

    Here is the TP matrix multiply program:

    And here is the TP inverse program:

    Also attached is a .zip file of the .TP and .LS files. TP is compiled on V9.30 HandlingTool.


    • Frame 9 is used to do conversions. If you are using frame 9, modify the top and bottom of each program to use a frame that is free on your system. Also, label it as "RESERVED" or something like that.
    • Not sure if it works on JPOS rep points.
    • All index arguments must be unique. The programs use the result as a working area for calculations, and would screw up the math.
      • Don't do something like this: CALL MINV(90,90)

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