Seeking advice about weld parameters

  • Hello everyone!

    I was told that comarc wont work if I'm welding over 400 amps. is there anyone on here that has or is running above 400 amps with comarc? I'm welding car crusher parts that require .75" welds that are between 20-24' long. it takes 58 minutes to complete one weld and I would like to speed up the arc time, but I'm already running at 385 amps. I'm using .052 solid wire with a wfs of 465, travel speed of 6.1" a minute. I've gotten the feeling from others I've talked to that we are pushing the limit when it comes to weld sizes and length of weld time, but I'm kind of in a bubble out here in South Dakota! :thinking_face:

    Thanks in advance!

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