Operate Fanuc bot from Allen Bradley HMI

  • hello guys, I'm new here!

    over the last few weeks ive been playing with this Fanuc bot here at work, and I've managed to disable the DCS (someone stole the light sensors for another project) so that it could operate again, and I've made a short program with a LBL and JMP LBL so it runs continuously once I turn the controller to auto...

    Now I want to run that program directly from the HMI without having to hit the green cycle button on the r-30ib controller.

    From what I can tell, the bot is not connected to any wifi, and the only connection I see between the controller and the PLC is the blue Ethernet cord pictured below. Is there another connection need to get these two interacting or will this suffice?

    And next where do I begin? I've tried a few things Ive read on other threads but their problem either wasn't necessarily the same or they weren't using the same PLC and so I believe the outcome hasn't been successful for me for those reasons.

    The HMI is Panel view PLUS, & the PLC is Control Logic. it already has a preloaded HMI program, my guess from the last user with 4 options. (START, STOP, Reset, Home) I would like to link these 4 options properly to the program from the controller. where do I begin?

    here are my connections






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