Import I/O comments on roboguide

  • Hello my beloved forum,

    I need to make some changes to a M-20iA/20M which is already working at a factory.

    My problem is related to the I/O comments. We are changing the gripper and I need to add some signals.

    Anyone knows why whenever I export my "IO comments" file on roboguide, it doesn't let me import it back? I tested without modifying anything, and it just says "import error".


    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

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  • Yes, you can import/export IO from ROBOGUIDE software, you must do right-click on controller name and select "Export I/O Comments" to export and "Import I/O Comments" to import.

    I think you can modify with Notepad++ more easier, but be carefull at syntax.

    If you have a import error, maybe you must create a new project from real controller, and try again
    Otherwise export a I/O comments from a clean backup or other station (maybe virtual) and see with WinMerge the difference of syntax, maybe there is some header/instruction wrong.

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