DSI board not referenced fault

  • CS9 controller with a tx60 robot

    Symptom is that when the robot is in motion it may fault with "DSI9 board not referenced error". If you redo the safe reference it completes that no problem. I have done some preliminary checking of the wiring harness in case this is a ground issue causing the controller to fault. There were a couple of loose wires. These have been resolved and we are still reproducing the not referenced error.

    Below is the fault displayed in the log. I have already contacted Staubli, but the clock is ticking. Any help would be appreciated.

    {"entry":{"val":"DSI errorCode goes to: %u (%s).","data":[{"val":3453},{"val":"Deviation between multi turn safe and multi turn non safe encoder 4"}],"date":"2023-11-04T18:53:26","ts":"271.441316815","type":"key","lvl":"INFO","id":"0x6008"},"hash":"3733b8982c7ceb6c24"}
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  • Hello,

    I already had a similar problem. It was due to computer drawer loss of 24V on J213.

    The controller was powered with an external 24V, and it happened that this external 24V dropped during robot operation. That was causing the "DSI9 board not referenced error" at reboot.

    Maybe if you are in the same configuration it is worth to investigate.

    But I don't know if we are in the same situation because, in our case, we could clearly see the teach turn off during the loss of 24V and then reboot

  • Hello,

    +1 for Kelidor. If you have external 24V on CS9, try to return in initial configuration (Internal 24V) to be sure that there is no problem. It's the first cause of issue on Safety system...

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