Parallel Shift Confusion

  • Good morning all, I have a question I hope to get some help with. I am trying to parallel shift a job by means of a parallel shift job conversion. We have a positioner with 3 fixtures on A and 3 on B. I want to shift a welding job from position 3 to 2. This is a distance in Y of 736.6mm.

    I am attempting to accomplish to via the calculate shift by teaching method. So, in the parallel shift menu I go to BASE POINT and when I have BASE POINT (SRC) highlighted I go to my first arc on position on fixture location 3 and hit modify / enter. Then I highlight BASE POINT (DEST) and move to my new first arc on on fixture 2 modify / enter. Seems pretty easy but when I execute job and try to walk through it the robot wants to just spin around and go to some random point until it reaches S axis limit.

    Am I misunderstanding what BASE POINT is?

    Also it is an R1+S1 job. When the position sweeps the first thing the job does is flip the table 180*. Could this be confusing the shift function? I am not calling in a s1_180 program in, the table flip is just a taught rotation.

    Any suggestions? Thank You

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