RCS V9.16 for Fanuc crashing on PS 16.0

  • Hello,
    I have problem with local RCS for Fanuc on Process Simulate 16.0. It connects and work for some time when I am teaching robot, but after short time I get big lag in Process Simulate and RCS is terminated. When I want to connect robot again I am getting error:
    "Error code (-70): specified manipulator type is not valid."

    I tried to reinstall controller, clean robot data etc. I found possible solution by removing instance.cfg file but didn't help. When that error appears, the only solution is to restart entire PC until error appears again.

    Do you know what can cause it? Thank you in advance.

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  • HawkME

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  • Yes, exactly - it's for VASS project, we didn't receive from client any requirements for specific PS version except "16". All hotfixes are installed, FANUC RJ_VW tools are rather up to date too - v3.21.2_08_03_2023.

    For some robots usually the problem does not occur or appears after longer time, for other really often, even on first/second run. I noticed it has more problems with robots with 7th axis.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but since RCS connects and somehow work I don't think that it is caused by PS.

  • Yes.

    Based on your report, this is probably a problem related with virtual robots.

    I had a problem like this in the past, with an older PS version and with non VW robots.

    For me, the solution was:

    1- Make a backup of Your cell (a PSZX or so)

    2 - Close PS

    3 - Through Windows, delete the RobotMachineDataFile specific folder from the problematic robot

    4 - Open PS and change the controller type from FANUC to Default

    5 - Save the project/PSZ and close PS again

    6 - Open PS and attach the virtual controller to the robot again

    7 - Sometimes You will need bring back some files from the old RobotMachineDataFile folder, so pay attention to the step 1

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