Need Help Creating Mechanism/Tool

  • Okay, I have a ton of experience doing RAPID and configuration stuff in RobotStudio, but the modeling and simulation is still really new to me.

    I am trying to model up a tool for a new project. I have a pneumatic gripper and a pneumatic rotary actuator. I need to be able to index the rotary and have the tool/TCP follow, but I can't seem to get it right. Do should all the components be set up under a single tool? Or should I create a mechanism for the actuator, and a tool for the gripper, then attach them in my station?

    I am able to get the physical model of the gripper to move with the actuator, but when I try to get the TCP to move as well, I'm just not getting it.

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  • If you have a mechanism for your tool and you make adjustments to the tool. You will need to detach the tool and reattach the tool to update the TCP. In the real robot, you will need 2 tools if you are going to the hard stops of the cylinder.

    The second issue looks like you do not move all the parts into you parts. You can create groups to make sure all parts are in the right group

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