Pirate 4wd robot battery charging

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to use normal rechargable batteries (1.2v nicads, AA size but rechargable) in the Pirate 4wd robot, but charge them up in the robot using the adapter port instead of removing them every time?

    Has anyone done it?

    What power adaptor would be sensible?

    How can I prevent overcharging?


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  • kwakisaki

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  • You can, but you shouldn't. Problem is that if you charge the accus in the case, they are connected serial, charging them that way you can't be sure all cells are charged to the same capacity. This is only guaranteed if you charge every single cell sperate. If you have one weak cell, or just one cell that's not that good as the others, in the case you will run into problems of over or under charging.

    What you can do is to solder a wire to each cell contact in the case, to connect them to a balancer charger. But that's a bit fiddly for a beginner.

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