DCS: Cartesian Speed Check (Status & Disabling Input Doubts)

  • Hello Fanuc Robot Programmers,

    I have a couple of questions of DCS , in specific Cartesian Speed Check.

    I want to have some light curtains & Floor Scanners monitoring. If any of these are violated I want to reduce the speed of the Robot to 10%.

    My 1st question:
    What does Status DSBL mean?

    My 2nd question:
    I am using an SPI as a Disabling Input. Is there any way I can test my simulation of the safety circuit?

    Thank you all for the help!

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  • Cartesian Speed Check doesn't slow the robot down, it simply stops the robot if it was found to be traveling faster than allowed in the CSC zone. You would have to setup additional logic to slow the robot down before the CSC zone is active.

    DSBL means the zone is disabled. Typically by a safety level input.

    In roboguide, you can interconnect DO to CSIs, but not in real life.

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  • Actually, if you have a controller from the current generation (R-30iB PLUS), you have the possibility to set an override value in your speed check function that will automatically set the override to the specified value.

    This can be tricky for J-motions, but preferrably you would want a low value for the override rather than risk having the robot stop due to violation of the speed check.

    You can also specify a delay time that gives the robot time to slow its speed down to a value that is below the set value in your speed check function.

    If you are running system software v9.40P/36 or later AND you have the Constant Path option (standard in all robots that has the FRL-parameter option -basically all non-US sold robots) you also have a "Cart Speed" setting which will lover the speed of the robot's motion to whatever limit is set in the function.

    You can think of it as acting as the T1-mode, where every motion that is programmed with a speed higher than the ceiling value (250 mm/s for T1) is brought down to the ceiling value speed, whereas motions programmed with speeds below that ceiling value will be executed as they are programmed.

  • I want to have some light curtains & Floor Scanners monitoring. If any of these are violated I want to reduce the speed of the Robot to 10%.

    You could interconnect your SPI to DI and monitor in BG logic to change GENOVERRIDE to slow down the robot. However, this is not a safety function. There isn't any other way to do this other than how gpunkt described above (unless you have a cobot, which it doesn't sound like).

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