Fanuc M10iD12_Robot program for Table 1 to Table 2

  • Hello,

    We utilize a Fanuc M10ID12 robot for component blasting within a blasting cabinet. This process involves two tables: T1 and T2, each associated with their respective user frames, U_Frame1 and U_Frame2.

    The challenge we face is that when a program is designed for U_Frame1 and T1, it is not compatible with T2 and U_Frame2. Is there a straightforward way to duplicate the program for use with T2, or vice versa?

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  • More detailed information would help.

    What specific issues/faults are you facing?

    Are the "tables" on a servo axis? If so, is that axis directly controlled by the robot? If so, are the tables in different motion groups?

  • So, program T1_XYZ is developed and running smooth on table 1 with User_Frame 1.

    If i copy the same on Table 2 as T2_XYZ, it gives the below error:

    INTP-252 User frame number mismatch.

    as far as i understand. tables are on a servo axis which is linked to User Frame.

    And table is not controlled by the robot but its linked with the robot movement.

  • If i copy the same on Table 2 as T2_XYZ, it gives the below error:

    INTP-252 User frame number mismatch.

    You should not copy the program, but use the 'Frame Shift Utility' to translate the program to UF2. You do not want to select the option 'convert positions'.

    This is also assuming you have setup your UFrame the same between tables.

  • That should make it pretty simple then. Use the frame shift utility (MENU > Utilities > Frame Offset).

    On the second page of the setup, it will ask you what the old UFRAME is and what new UFRAME you want to use. It is fairly straight forward, but you will still have to step through the newly generated output program and touch-up points.

  • If I'm understanding right, you want the exact same program to run relative to whichever user frame is active? This is how I do it - keeping the values for the two frames in P[1] and P[2] then copying the appropriate value into UFrame[1]. This way you only have to maintain one program.

  • The way Tituslepic provided is a good one, but remember that you can also use PR instead of P points, PR points are executed no matter the frame or tool you have selected, so you must be sure to select the correct frame and tool before executing them as the robot will not throw any mismatch errors and will go there.

    The only downside of using PR is that you are limited to 100 points if you do not increase them through controlled start, but they are very usseful if you do not have much points, the max number of PR is betwheen 200-300, depending on the controller.

    Also, always take care with J movements when changing frames, as config and turns are honored and the robot can suddenly decide to do a full axis 4 or axis 6 turn in order to honor the config if frame locations are very far apart.

  • Are the "tables" on a servo axis? If so, is that axis directly controlled by the robot? If so, are the tables in different motion groups?

    Thanks for advice to use Frame Offset option under utility. It actually worked well, but...

    table motion is not along with that...

    Let say, by using frame offset, i was able to copy program from T1 to T2. And now am running the program on T2 table. Robot is moving fine with that but table T2 is not rotating according to robot motion, instead of that Table 1 is rotating.

    Any advice on that??

    thanks in advance.

  • You may need to exchange the motion group. As far as I remember you should have another utillity called "Group exchange", then you should replace the T1 external axis for the T2.

    I've done this on the past with servoguns but I usually opened the .ls file, changed the axis on all positions, then compiled and loaded the tp again.

    Idk how turntables are handled, but on my case working with two servoguns, axis were defined on group 2 axis 1 and axis 2, so it was a matter of changing the used axis on the points manually though the text editor, the group exchange utility will probably give you a way to do this conversion just like the frame offset does without the need to export and import the program.

  • More info from operational Manual:

    Table Cart

    The cell has two servo controlled tables, these tables are controlled from the Fanuc robot programs. The servo tables are mounted to a cart that shuttles the tables in and out of the blast cabinet. This cart is controlled by the PLC and a DC drive in the electrical panel. The cart is designed so when one table is in the cabinet (Blast Position) the other table is out side of the cabinet (Load Position). The cart can be controlled in automatic or manual mode.

    Servo Tables

    The servo tables are cortrol from the robot program. These table can operate in two modes, in position mode the tables can be programed as a 7th axis of the robot to position the table in any position 0 – 360 degrees, In CTV mode (Continues Turn Velocilty) the table can spin

    Can i work with Group Mask change for table?



    also during userframe offse, there was option of motion group...i have attached pic below...

    i guess it is linked with the rotation of table? do i need to do something here? any idea?

    everything works find except table with below setup.

    First Step:


    Second Step:


    Third Step:


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