No Linear Movement due to Singularity Avoidance

  • Hi All,

    I have a issue with the Singularity Avoidance. I attached a photo of the TCP trace in Roboguide. I marked the move i am talking about in red. It is moving from the blue cross (lower one) to the black cross (upper one). Now the issue is, i want a linear movement, but due to the singularity avoidance, it is not moving linear but is doing a curve. The thing is, it is not even going through a singularity on this path, it is very close to a singularity, but it is not going through a singularity. If i disable the singularity avoidance, it will do the straight move without any issues. So my question is: Is there any way to not do this curve, just move in a straight line?

    I'm thinking the singularity avoidance might be split in two functions:

    - The function to be actually able to move through a singularity (for example if you move a straight line down Z in Hand Mode, you also get a straight line and it crosses a singularity, no curve)

    - The function for actual singularity avoidance, so if it is close to a singularity, to move a slightly different route to never be in a singularity.

    So i still need need to move through singularities, my application is not possible to avoid singularities completely, but i don't want the robot to avoid the singularity by taking a different path.


    Thank you for your input.

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  • SkyeFire

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