I'm find out Battery types for 1KA board

  • Controller : D22G-A001, D22F-D001
    Manipulator : FS030 * 2ea

    I'm try to battery replacement.

    Refer to "90206-1034DEG" Manual's "4.8 Replacement procedure for batteries" chapter..

    described 1KA board at controller.

    1HG or 1FG board is Manipulator. Already fund part number "50750-1018" Lithium 3.6V battery.

    I have a question about the battery for the 1KA board.

    Does anyone know which type it requires? I think it might be a CR2032, but I haven't had a chance to open the controller."

    ABB, FANUC, Hyundai, Kawasaki

  • Legacy Kawasaki Batteries are natively Maxell ER17/50.

    They can be purchased as:

    a. double cell (Encoder or C controller RAM).

    b. single cell (D controller RAM 1KA/1RA).

    E Series controllers and upwards at the moment use CR2025 button cell only for RTC Bios, as RAM is now flash so not volatile memory, so no battery backup required.

    Just contact your nearest Kawasaki distributor and state you require a battery for 1KA or 1RA CPU and they will be able to facilitate.

    Part no will probably be 60750-1013 for single cell RAM battery for 1KA/1RA.

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