NXC100 servo power drops out

  • Hi

    Can anyone suggest what might cause NXC100 controller with HP3 robot dropping servo power off now and then? Problems started so that servo power turned on but brakes didn't release everytime. After a while it started giving alarms 4301 (Contactor error) and sometimes alarm 1345 [162] (Safe circuit signal not same (SV)). Now the new problem is that it is dropping servo power off, and there is no alarm, just dropping servo off and brakes on. Sometimes power stays on only few seconds, sometimes few minutes. This new problem makes it impossible to use this robot so now it really needs to be fixed.

    I have changed NTU board (because I thought it might be the reason for brakes not releasing) and tried with another teach pendant and cable. I was thinking that could it be power source that is "tired" and voltage drops so that it has no power to keep contactors closed? Or what could it be?


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  • Thank you for the suggested fault causes. I forgot to mention that it does not matter for losing servo power problem if robot is moving or just standing still with servo power on.

    I tried to disconnect all I/O from the robot but that didn't help. Also I tried to move cables and connectors while servo power is on but could't make servos go off. I tried to figure out where to measure voltage given by the power source but could't find any good way. Only point that was easily accesed was cables from NTU to the brakes, and there were about 22,5V, so it feels kind of a low voltage.

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