ABB IRB 6640 Communication with CP1616 board

  • Hello,

    I have ABB IRB 6640 robot with Robotware 5.14. This robot has Profinet ms option and cp1616 profinet card on the main computer. I'm trying to make a communication between Siemens s7-1200 PLC and IRB 6640 via cp1616 profinet card but I couldn't do it. what I tried to do to make this communication in PLC and robot side are given below,


    1. I upload GSDML 2.4 file of cp1616 card and 128b Input and Output module.

    2. I assign IP and and station name to the card and I can ping it. so that the card i set with the IP that its given.

    3. I also update the firmware of the card by TiaPortal


    1. I create Profinet bus connection in the Robotstudio communication section. I use First Board

    2. After I create a bus connection , I set unit and unit type to make this communication happen

    I think the problem is I can not make cp1616 profinet configuration because it says that "No configured" in system info section. Also I can not create .xdb configuration file on Tiaportal.

    Has anybody same problem ?

    Thank you

  • yeah I use the GSDML file on the TIAPORTAL that comes in the robotware package.But I can not configure the CP1616. when I look into system info of the robot,It says no configuration for cp1616 on the robot side

  • [Environment]

    Robotware 6.** base.

    840-3 PROFINET Anybus Device Option

    DSQC-688 ProfiNet card installed at DSQC-1000


    Configuration - I/O System

    1. PROFINET Internal Anybus Device

    - Name : PN_Internal_Anybus

    - Connected to Industrial Network : PROFINET_Anybus

    - Vendor Name : ABB Robotics

    - Product Name : PROFINET Internal Anybus Device

    - Identificiation Label : (blank)

    - Input Size (Bytes) : 64 (in 512 Bits)

    - Output Size (Bytes) : 64 (Out 512 Bits)

    2. Industrial Network

    - Name : PROFINET_Anybus

    - Identification Label : PROFINET Anybus Network

    - Address : Ask to PLC

    - Subnet Mask : Ask to PLC
    - Gateway : Ask to PLC

    - Simulated : No

    End of Robot EIO configuration.

    ※ Recommended Device Name Defaults.


    1. Upload GSDML xml file.

    - 3HAC031670-001(DSQC_688) is GSDML-V2.0-PNET-FA-20100510.xml

    ABB, FANUC, Hyundai, Kawasaki

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