Mapping UI(8) to CRMA16

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to get the UI(8) Enable thru a hardwired connection (using it for safety) while all the rest of the signals I’m getting thru Ethernet. I set it up at 48 1 1 and the rest are 89. Still do not see the signal. When I change it to 89 it works fine. The Robot is setup as Remote.

    Any help?

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  • kwakisaki

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  • UI are not safety rated, they are OK if for safety you refer to "machine safety", like stopping the robot if it invades a machine area while a cylinder/servo is moving or machine is has not the correct conditions for the robot to access and robot invades the area, but they are not ok to use if there is risk to people.

    If you need to stop the robot because it involves any risk to people who work with it, you should use the safety signals provided on the safety board (ES/AS) or the DCS safety signals, also this signals should be handled by wiring safety devices, relays, or by a PLC safety capable that can handle all the logic.

    Please, do not be the guy who force a HOLD signal as the only way to stop the robot when the access door from the cell is open, this is NOT OK and doesn't ensure the robot will not start to move while people are inside, and please, please, please... ensure safety circuits work OK after wiring them!

    if you do not know how to handle this, contact a professional.

  • You should wire the dual channel safety inputs from the safety PLC into the fence (EAS) circuit then.

    There are plenty of post about this issue in the forum, use the search function now that you have some specific phrases.

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