XRC UP50 Error message: "Set to Home position"

  • I have just started a project for this company on a second hand motoman UP50. It starts up fine and allegedly used to run when the last person attempted to work on it but I am running into issues.

    I can get it to start and I can enable teach mode including moving the joints but when a go to make a job or run one of the saved jobs the error "Set home position" pops up. I have attempted to find a solution in the manuals online to no avail so I am hoping someone here can help.

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  • Liam_Ski

    Changed the title of the thread from “XRC UP50 Error message: "Set Home position"” to “XRC UP50 Error message: "Set to Home position"”.
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  • You have lost the abso data for one or more axes. You will have to perform a calibration to set the home position.

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  • Thank you. I assume the UP50 has a similar home position to other robots as the company doesnt have a manual that tells me what the UP50 specifically is.

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