NX100 Weld Cell External Holding

  • Hello all, the company I work for purchased a used NX100 EA1900 weld cell and it arrived about a month ago. We / I have been battling it the whole time from missing cables to getting it to weld. Long story short there were a bunch of jumpers and aftermarket wiring in the cabinet. We received our light curtains the last piece of our puzzle last Friday. We plug them in and we get error code L2 Invalid configuration of External Device Monitoring on the curtain display. These are SICK 4000 light curtains, none of the curtain led's are lit. When we attempt to go to PLAY mode me get an external device prohibiting error. I am assuming the light curtains.

    As I mentioned there some cut wires and aftermarket jumpers in place so I rang out all the wires having to do with the safety circuit leading between the MXT breakout / Safety relay CR4105 and various terminal blocks. The MXT card had the following already jumped.

    9-10 Door Plug

    11-12 Door Plug

    19-20 External E Stop

    21-22 External E Stop

    26-27 Slow Speed

    31-32 External Hold

    33-34 Enable

    35-36 Enable

    So I am I correct in thinking that all the factory safety features are jumped out? I hooked the external e-stop back up to MXT 20-21 to CR4105 relay for safety reasons. These were disconnected from the MXT.

    I see Input003 is light curtain clear that comes from the CR4105 terminal 34 to B4 on the NI001 CN10 B4.

    I also found jumpers on JANCD CN10 that look like they don't belong:




    Then a wire from A16 goes to TB8

    Another wire from MXT 48 to TB8

    I have no idea what the previous owners did with it or what they were trying to accomplish.

    I know this is very confusing but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  • Okay, L2 is an error code for invalid configuration of EDM. I look in the SICK manual and it says:

    "If you connect the contact elements to be monitored to the EDM input, then you must activate the option EDM in the CDS (Configuration & Diagnostic Software. If not, the device will show the error L2."

    "If you later deselect the EDM option, pin 6 of the system plug must not remain connected to 24V."

    I believe our light curtains do not have the EDM enabled and that is why I was getting error L2. Wire 6 on the light curtain was hooked to the Safety relay Y2. I removed wire 6 from the relay and the curtains started working.

    Now the problem is that when we try to flip the positioner we get an external e stop error. It sounds stupid but if we shake the relay it goes away and lets us flip. Doing some reading I see that Y1 / Y2 are for a reset button. I am thinking that the Motoman control or light curtains are looking for a handshake that each other is working?? Odd thing is I can look at the Input for light curtain clear while this e stop error is active and it is saying they are clear.

    Also while this e stop error is active both channel lights are on, on the relay.

    I tried to put a jumper in between Y1 & Y2 but no luck.

    Am I right in thinking I need to fool the relay or control into thinking the EDM is working or what?

  • I tested the safety relay according to another tech forum and it appears the relay is bad and failing. New one should be here Friday, I'll update incase anyone else has an issue.

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