Motion, signal output motion option ... and DRYRUN(?)

  • Hi all,

    for my AUTO HOME / home position recovery I am going to use the signal output motion option:

    J PR[40] 100% FINE GO[16]=40
    J PR[41] 100% FINE GO[16]=41

    According to the manual just using the output behaves like using TIME BEFORE: the output is set if the next motion will be started. Therefore I added it using TIME AFTER instead:

    J PR[40] 100% FINE TA 0.00sec, GO[16]=40
    J PR[41] 100% FINE TA 0.00sec, GO[16]=41

    Testing the program in RoboGuide works as expected. On the real robot I received this error message exactly once:

    INTP-560 DB was deleted

    Even after a cycle power the message did not come up again. Also the second program, with TIME AFTER, behaves exactly like the first: the output is not set until the next movement is started.

    This leads to some questions:

    What would the message like to tell me?

    Why has the message shown just once?

    What has DISTANCE BEFORE to do with it at all?

    Nut the most important of all:

    How do I get the output set after the movement is finished?

    Thanks in advance.

    Never EVER again fanuc!

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  • I had the setting of the GO in a separate line. But I'd prefer it this way. With an extra line it's quite error-prone, because the risk that the GO is not up to date is much higher.

    The movement was definitely finished. For testing I let the program execute in STEP mode movement by movement and always waited until PAUSE was shown at the top and the @ was in front of the move command.

    Never EVER again fanuc!

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