TOSHIBA TS2000-CE Robot Controller

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    Warranty: 3 months

    Module Number: TS2000-CE

    Product Description:

    No. of Controlled Axes: Standard 4-axes (Maximum 5-axes)

    Motion Modes: PTP, CP (Linear, Circular), Short-cut

    Position Detection: Absolute Encoders

    Storage Capacity: Approx. Total: 6400 points + 12800 steps

    1 program: 2000 points + 3000 steps

    No. of Registrable Programs: Maximum 256

    Programming Language: SCOL (similar to BASIC)

    Teaching Unit teach pendant TP1000: Cable length 5m (Programming support PC software TSPC also available)

    External Operation Signal: 38 input, 32 output (7/10 can be assigned to system signals)

    Hand Control Signals: 5 input, 4 output

    External Operation Signal

    Input: cycle operation mode, start, stop, program reset, etc

    Output: Servo ON, operation ready, fault, etc

    Serial Communication Ports RS-232C: 2 ports

    Oter Fanctions: Interruption processing, robot motion ON signal, communication processing, arthmetic opertion, torque limit, PLC, self-diagnosis, etc

    Power Supply and Capacity: Single-phase, AC190V-250V, 50/60Hz, 2.3kVA

    Regarding product price: Affected by market fluctuations, please contact us to confirm the price of the final transaction before placing an order

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